What Are Vector Graphics – [Video Tutorial]

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Vector Graphics

You might have heard of vector graphics, but what actually are they? The technical answer is graphics made up of a sequence of commands or mathematical statements that can be infinitely scaled without distortion. Science and math aside, they are digital images not made out of pixels that can be made in a variety of programs with drawing and shape tools. Vector graphics are great for logos, icons, digital illustration, and much more. In this video you will learn how to create and style vector graphics and also see some great examples of how to use them.

What Are Vector Graphics

Vector graphics are infinitely scalable digital images that are made up of mathematical equations. They can be made in a variety of programs such as InDesign, Photoshop, or Illustrator. I’m going to use Illustrator because the program has easy to use shape-building tools.

What Are They Used For?

Pretty much all graphic elements, icons, logos, lines, and illustration work done digitally are vectors. They can range from being as simple as a circle to an incredibly detailed illustration.

Why are Vectors Useful

Vectors are especially great because they can be infinitely scaled and won’t distort. You can use the same logo on your business cards and a billboard by simply resizing the artwork in Illustrator. If your logo was not created with vectors and saved as a scalable file type you will be very limited in the ways you can use it and will either have a pixilated logo when scaling larger or have to insert a large over-scaled image in and size it down every time.

How to Make Vector Graphics

In Illustrator any element you make, whether that be a line, circle, pen stroke, anything, is a vector. Images and photography that you might bring into Illustrator however are not vectors and you can tell because if you zoom in you can see they are made up of pixels. You can however download very detailed vectors that are made up of lots of tiny shapes.

So as I said, photography and images you find online will never be typically not be vectors, but there are a few ways to turn certain files into vectors. They typically are not going to retain the level of detail from the original file unless it is a shape or graphic element, because those are pretty easy to recreate. One option for doing this with graphic elements is image trace which we have gone over in another video, and the other is to manually trace the image separating by color, shade, etc which typically gives off a illustrated cartoon-like look.

How to Style Vector Graphics

Some great settings to check out are the stroke palette where you can make changes like rounding shape corners or adjusting end caps. The transform palette is great for seeing vector properties and adjusting rotation or scaling options.