5 Ways a Robust Shopify PIM Drives Revenue

As your product catalogs grow in size or quality, you’ll find yourself needing a well-equipped PIM. Shopify, while made to withstand scaling and multiple storefronts, may need a boost in the product information management area. With its API-capabilities and the ability to handle custom attributes and product variant options, the PIM software you choose must […]

5 Product Launch Challenges and How to Solve Them with PIM

product launch pim

When businesses fail to prepare, they open the doors to challenges to an otherwise successful product launch. According to Harvard Business Journal, lack of preparation is the number one cause of issues during a product launch. When tens of thousands of new products hit the markets annually but only 5% might succeed, you know it’s a […]

PIM Digital Asset Management: 7 Advantages of Scalable Visual Content

PIM asset management

Visual content is nothing to cut corners about, especially not when conveying to shoppers the full breadth of a product. However, as nice as visuals look on the product page, getting them there is a whole process behind the scenes. One that, without a proper strategy, can make or break the impact of your visual […]

Role-Based vs. Attribute-Based Access Control Security in PIM Software

rbac vs abac: access control pim software security

Running an online business without robust security measures in place is like taking one step forward, and two steps back. For every error, breach, and unauthorized usage of product information, there’s double the work, time, and costs of solving the issue. Security is important especially when it comes to product information management systems. Many PIMs […]

7 Ways to Enhance the B2B Buyer’s Experience on Shopify

b2b buyer experience shopify pim

Are you operating an online B2B store on the Shopify platform? New businesses have been flocking to Shopify like bees to pollen, and understandably so. With a range of offers, from standard platforms for smaller merchants to Shopify Plus for larger enterprises, Shopify has been the go-to for a diversity of business types. The question is: Are you keeping up with the modern B2B buyer experience?

PIM Implementation: Dispelling 10 Myths About PIM Onboarding

Onboarding a PIM system can be challenging in terms of transitioning from an old way of doing things to a new one. But if you’re hesitating about onboarding a PIM system for your business, here’s the truth about common misconceptions about PIM implementation.

Industrial Tools Marketing Strategy: How to Increase Sales, Brand Recognition, and Revenue

industrial tools marketing product information management

Industrial tools marketing comes with a set of challenges that don’t apply to other markets.  For one, industrial tools companies tend to be extremely niche B2B organizations. Certain types of equipment, such as smaller hand tools, components like bolts, springs, and heavier machinery or parts apply to a limited number of potential prospects, like factories […]

PIM Data: What Product Information to Consider Before Investing in a PIM

PIM data product information to consider

Investing in high-quality PIM data is investing in the future of your organization.  The PIM market has really skyrocketed in the past decade, and the next five years are no exception. According to PR Newswire, the PIM software market value is set to reach $16 billion by 2025.  Product content is the basis for products […]