Press Release: CATSY Offers Free Report on How to Reduce Catalog Creation Time and Costs


Catsy, a catalog management software vendor in Vernon Hills, Illinois is offering a FREE report titled “Nine Tips for Collapsing Catalog Creation Time.” The report is designed primarily for manufacturing and distribution firms that want to increase the speed and accuracy of catalog production while taking steps to reduce the costs. A copy of the FREE report can be obtained simply by visiting the company’s web-site

The new Catsy report explains nine key points that firms can use to improve catalog management efficiency and accuracy. One point focuses on product information management, the single most important factor in catalog accuracy. It points out that internally-produced product information for catalog management is usually compiled from disparate sources. Modifying a product attribute in one department begins a domino effect of replicated updates across the organization. In most cases it makes sense to complement the internal catalog management process with a central database that is shared by users across the firm, and possibly with print vendors. The report also discusses methods by which compiled product information can be exported to multiple catalog formats to suit the requirements of the firm, be it Web, CD or Print.

The report points out the importance of tailoring the message of your catalog closely to the needs of individual prospects. It describes automated tools that make it possible to tune your catalog to the prospect’s individual situation. For example, you might include text and photos that specifically address the maintenance problems faced by a particular type of plant.

Finally, the report helps explain how using this approach makes it easy for internal resources to provide consistent data to clients and prospects. A central source for all product attributes which can be accessed by customer service AND pre-sales resources can help reduce returns and customer dissatisfaction. It explains the value of providing an integrated online product repository that can contain exploded diagrams, MSDS’s and other important data that is associated with the product.

Catsy has 25 years of combined experience in catalog management development and consulting. The firm has mastered the art of helping industrial companies speed cycle time for catalog creation and simplifying product information maintenance.