Robust Content to Dealers


It also helps them to ensure that they have complete control over the entire lifecycle of their product content from creation through delivery to the post-purchase experience.

PIM and DAM streamline product content so your teams can easily create marketing collateral and post-purchase materials that enhance the buyer experience.

PIM and DAM provide more opportunities for you to drive revenue with product content. Read on to learn how!

Manufacturers and retailers strive to connect with existing and potential customers. Manufacturers describe their products and services persuasively. Billions of dollars are spent by the manufacturer to determine what content to include.

However, attracting sales is not as easy as you may think. A lot of research is done by the manufacturer to ensure they provide the kind of products their customers crave, identify and understand target market, and most importantly, get ROI. All these are only possible via dealers. The two entities are inseparable, and this divulges the importance of the symbiotic relationship between them.

The Importance of Dealers

Dealers play a major role in the success of most companies. They see to it that the goals of the companies they represent are achieved as well provide insights about product content variation, market size and share. With the available tools, they interact with customers at a more personal level, and as a result, they’re better placed to understand the needs of the clients and relay it to the manufacturers. With this kind of information, robust product content can be created which would convert more and increase the success of the product manufacturers and the dealers as well.

What are Robust Products?

Products are considered as robust content if they are insensitive to variations. In simple terms, when the product is subjected to different variations; internal, external and unit to unit, it would be expected to remain consistent.

Every product is subject to change at all times. Manufacturers having a robust product content ensures that your retailers can more easily sell your product. This is because, the customer can more easily understand the product. This begs the need for manufacturers to bring on board designers who would emphasize creating more robust product designs that are least affected by variations. The eCommerce and marketing teams should also be used to widen the coverage based on statistical data and research that is done and statistical data collected from consumers.

Here are key points how robust product content can help increase your dealers’ success.

Improvement in Attribute and Accuracy

When tasked with creating a product, the manufacturer involves different contributors in their quest. These include the designers, as well as the marketing and eCommerce team. The product designers come up with a product that’s fully customized to meet the demands of the users. A robust product content features accurate and complete attributes that would be well received by the consumers. When such products are made available to dealers, their rate of conversion is bound to grow as well as increase success rates.

Reduced Defects

Taking into account the three variations that products face throughout their lifetime, a robust design reduces the chances of getting a defective product. The manufacturers who have taken into account these variations end up creating products that are less defective.

Deciding between different features during product design is important. It ensures that the final product is superior. Products being less prone to defects can help your business gain customer trust and confidence. When your products are in the market returns will decrease. Customers will return after the great experience you provided.

Reduced Turnaround Time While Developing or Improving Products

Customers are in constant need of new products. As a result, companies must adapt to the changing consumer behavior and produce quality products. Time taken to make content changes to these products has a lasting negative effect. The dealers are required to make these content changes and discount out of date product. This may not only be costly for the dealers, but they might also lose a lot of customers who might have purchased the defective products.

However, coming up with a robust product ensures that the product is geared towards meeting the needs of users. Spend time understanding what the customer is researching your product for. Once this is know, tailor you content around the searches. Essentially, the results of this kind of investment are profitable for both the dealers and trusted.

Improvement in the Quality of Produced Products

Robust content quality is what is needed to drive sales. This is supported by the fact that the products maintain consistency when subjected to the different variations. Dealers are bound to make more sales when the products they stock have a longer shelf life, do not succumb to the conditions in their operational environment and do not vary from unit to unit.

Dealers who sell machined products tend to sell more, especially if the machines have a long operational span. They do not wear and tear at an extremely fast rate. Manufacturers whose products are well known for their quality are in a better position to increase their dealer’s success from the name they carry.

Robust Products Are More Appealing to Customers

As far as appeal goes, robust products are highly esteemed by consumers. Manufacturers create a name for themselves and their products when they design and build robust products. Customers are known to purchase the quality of service they get from an item. This attribute has been the key factor in the growth of most brands. Due to the appeal that these brands attract, their products have led to an increase in customer loyalty which in the long run is a good thing to the dealers.

Dealers getting these robust products would lead to an almost sure success score. This is so because of the appeal that these robust products have and the quality of service that they guarantee to their consumers.

Robust product content has the key attribute that most products in the market strive to achieve and that is quality. The superior quality of these products puts them in a good position to attract consumers from all the brand dealers which in effect, translate to an increased ROI.

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