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What is PIM – From Catsy

What is PIM?

Information Management (PIM) is the software-based aggregation of data collation, organization, and distribution, relating to a business’ products/services and those of its suppliers.

PIM plays the pivotal role of ensuring the modification and updating of product information across a variety of sales and distribution channels. This process assures that the entire business structure of any organization thrives on consistent and up-to-date information.

PIM experienced rapid growth in the late 1990s to the early 2000s because of the rise of electronic commerce (e-commerce) and online retail portals.

Benefits of a PIM System

An efficient PIM System forms a common ground of engagement and understanding that keeps businesses, customers and suppliers in touch.

Note that as products and services change form or are withdrawn from the market, the statuses of raw materials, machinery as well as suppliers change in unison. PIM communicates these dynamics in an efficient and proactive manner, to mitigate any adverse effects on sales and projected income.

A PIM System delivers a faster delivery time for products/services to the market, while at the same time enhancing operational structures and boosting sales across various customer engagement channels.

What is PIM Software?

A key feature with businesses with inventories of products is Store Keeping Unit (SKU). As retail/small businesses expand, keeping a handle on product data proves a formidable challenge. So SKUs, product descriptions, pricing among others turn up unwieldy and overwhelming.

Enter PIM Software. This software helps businesses manage/organize all product information across multiple channels, in a cohesive and optimized manner. With PIM software, businesses can minimize market disruptions and associated overhead costs. At the same time, organizations can take advantage of quick product introduction into the market as well as a boost in overall sales.

General features of PIM Software

Any robust PIM Software application carries out a combination of the following functions, including:

  1. Centralizing all product information in a place or designated access places.
  2. Distributing product data across multiple channels or funnels
  3. Creating workflow schedules for supplier data
  4. Creating supplier onboarding interfaces to enhance data quality and minimize downturns
  5. Enhancing quicker search capabilities and effective query times.
  6. Creating a planning guide to ease other associated processes like product launches, marketing campaigns, and promotions.
  7. Enabling seamless communication among the various channels of customer engagement.
  8. Rendering data information in any number of languages including English, French, German etc.
  9. Offering room for scaling and expansion, as the business grows.
  10. Enabling real-time communication/collaboration among assigned staff and team member involved in data information management.
  11.  Providing a safe and secure environment for the sharing of product data information between suppliers and teammates.
  12. Providing in-built SEO optimized tools and resources

In the final analysis, a PIM system software complements an effective data information structure, so businesses can give and obtain inputs and outputs, in a seamless manner.

What is CATSY PIM Software?

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Catsy started operations in 2003. In that year, a group of people, spanning builders, fixers and makers to tackle the challenges faced by businesses with managing product data information.

Catsy is a product information management (PIM) and catalog software platform that houses product images, specifications, and data

Catsy assists businesses and companies simplify product information and data management by easing the process of storing images, descriptions and other details in one place.

The Catsy PIM software offers businesses and organizations a three-pronged approach to the effective management of product information data. This tripod system comprises Digital Asset Management ( DAM), Product Information Management( PIM) as well as Syndicate. They are as follows:

Digital Asset Management (DAM)

Under this module, Catsy offers businesses and customers the ability to organize digital media assets and centralize product images. In more detail, users can save and connect product images with corresponding descriptions and specifications. Users can access these resources at the touch of a button. This platform is sometimes referred to as Image management software.

  1. Catsy PIM management software also enables users to export and import files and records from any source. Documents such as Excel files can be uploaded and shuffled within designated categories of product data information.
  2. With Catsy, clients can publish product data and information on notable e-commerce sites like Amazon, Alibaba, Jet among others. With a push of a button.

III. Are you scared of having to input each and every amendment for different products, prices, and specification? You do not need to worry as Catsy PIM software comes with the ability to carry out mass product information updates, with an easy bulk update tool. The process is automated and seamless.

Product Information Management (PIM)

Under Catsy PIM Software, clients operate in a virtual environment structured to collect, manage, run, export and syndicate information and data on products and services. The choice exists to enrich these sources of product information from one central hub or to synchronize access to data from multiple sources.

From the starting point of deciding what data to input and update, to the final stages involving customer engagement, marketing, and sales enhancement, clients can trust Catsy PIM Software to deliver on its promises?


Marketplaces, What is PIM

Clients can look forward to performing any of the following tasks, with Catsy’s PIM software:

  1. Publish catalogs, new prices, specifications, brochures and other relevant information with Catsy’s InDesign publishing Automation.
  2. Update product catalogs and modules regarding prices, images, specifications with a click of a button.
  3. Catsy’s software automatically filters through your product catalog to create navigable indexes and table of contents, for effective search and query processes.
  4. Text and Images are linked seamlessly to appropriate products with Catsy’s auto-placed Text and Images feature.

What are the features of the CATSY PIM Software?

Catsy PIM Software aims to help small, medium and large scale businesses cope with the management and running of changes in product pricing, specifications, and cataloging.

The key features of Catsy’s PIM Software include the following:

PIM for Brands

Already Catsy provides PIM software solutions to brands such as La-Z-Boy, Whirlpool, Sysco, and Wastequip. The objective for brands is to infuse the brand loyalty and objectives in creating suitable PIM software for these companies.

Catsy’s strategies for brands covers specific customer engagement across the following areas:

  • Continuous Updates to drive conversions

Leading brands rest easy with Catsy’s fully automated updates effected on products during changes and conversions. In this module, data is connected at regular intervals to images to streamline organizational structures, for effective operations.

  • Centralizing Product Images

Businesses enjoy excellent service including faceted searches/queries, automated thumbnails which aids the simple transformation of images to desired formats as well as easy-to-view sample images.

  • Centralizing Product Data

Catsy PIM software takes into consideration the sensitive nature of product information and data. To this end, clients enjoy features such as security and role management. Under this module, specific team members get controlled access to data, while changes to product data are tracked and stored.
Catsy PIM software also offers advanced table features and support. Here, complicated product listings break into manageable parts for a less cumbersome access.

Businesses can link product data and information across a wide network of channels with the availability of Catsy’s kits and accessories.

  • Doing business on marketing platforms

Businesses can take advantage of the reach and spread of online commerce sites like Amazon, Jet, and Walmart to boost sales. Catsy’s PIM software comes in handy with the availability of automated spreadsheets for product data. With a click of a button, users of Catsy’ s software can go live on these online sites by selecting products and choosing categories.

Data Governance Product Information

Under Catsy’s Data Governance, businesses can perform any of the following operations:

  1. Filter out unwanted data

Companies and businesses desire to engage customers with accurate product data and information. To this end, Catsy’s PIM software catches problems with data with validation and workflow tools at the inputting stages. Here, data is screened and authenticated before posting on centralized Catsy Data Governance PIM platform.

  1. Enhanced product data completion

Businesses can enhance their product data completion rates through Catsy’s integrated validation process. Clients can choose from choices including required, optional and other suggested field paths.

  1. Improve consistency of active field products

Businesses can enhance their brand with improved product data postings and organization. Catsy’s PIM software offers options for colors, sizes, orientations among other parameters. Clients can also reduce variable naming with organized mapping and field control options.


  1. Fine-tune Channel Formatting

With Catsy’s PIM software, companies can capture important data along with formatting requirements that conform to the demands of targeted marketplaces



Catsy’s PIM software also serves as veritable workflow station. To this end, users enjoy the following benefits:

  1. Reduced turnover time

Users conserve man-hours and resources associated with effecting changes to product data information. Catsy speeds up the review and approval processes with integrated workflow tools. A structured notification schedule reduces such downtimes by as much as 60 percent.

  1. Enhance communication channels

Team members in an organization can effectively share project data and other relevant information with simple task management tools. An added bonus is communication taking place within the Catsy software platform.

  1. Eliminate friction points

Catsy’s PIM software assists clients with reducing or eliminating existing and potential areas of conflict and friction. This feature strengthens efficient communication with an organized structure for easy collaboration.

  1. Custom PIM software

Catsy offers flexibility to businesses seeking personalized solutions to their PIM needs. Catsy’s PIM software gives customized organizational and project management schedules to suit peculiar business realities.

Asset Transformation

Catsy believes that your data is your greatest asset. In that light, Catsy’s PIM software helps businesses make the most of data and product information to boost sales and spur growth. The following features help companies achieve these objectives:

  1. Easy creation of images

Images are powerful tools for customer engagement. Catsy’s PIM software generates specific image files in specific dimensions/measurements to suit various online market platforms.

  1. Enhance SEO searches

Catsy’s intuitive PIM software enables businesses to engage effectively with asset metadata tagging and grading. This feature leads to enriched content and improved SEO rankings for your products.

  1. Scaling and replicability

Catsy’s Bulk digital asset transformation gives businesses the leverage to scale and grow with the addition of new products and processes.


SEO builder, What is PIM

Catsy’s PIM software understands the importance of generating product data that features at the top of ranks and online searches.

In this regard, organizations can utilize, assign and optimize product keywords to improve searches and queries.

Clients can also enrich their product data by including metadata for product images. Improved image descriptions not only enhance customer engagement but also makes such products better crawled by Google and other search engines.

Internal Sales Employees Platform

Catsy PIM software allows employees and affected staff of businesses and organizations to function optimally using the many work tools of the software.

  1. Employees have access to centralized products catalogs and documents. With designated access capabilities, staff can quickly make on-the-spot marketing and sales decisions.
  2. Staff can use optimized and powerful search tools to filter keywords and other product specifications.

III. Managers can streamline product searches with Catsy’s facets and filter options.

  1. Catsy’s PIM Software solution is responsive and mobile-friendly, so staff and employees can review, update and effect product price changes on the road.

Customer Service Portal

Catsy knows that customer engagement is the key to the survival of the operations of any business.

Catsy PIM software solutions enable customer service representatives to attend to customer inquiries and other matters.


Enhanced Response times

Catsy’s platform allows users to respond in quick turnaround time. Operators have access to relevant information with keyword and optimized search options, a click away.


Marketplaces, What is PIM, What is Catsy PIM

Market Places

Catsy’s PIM software solutions give businesses the adaptability needed to feature on a number of online marketplaces including Amazon and Walmart.

Users can engage and populate e-commerce platforms with product prices, images, and specifications. Clients can also enjoy the benefits of automatically map and transform product data for various channel constraints within the Catsy solution suite.

Automated Product Feed

By default, Catsy PIM software pushes out product descriptions, specifications, and images to targeted marketplaces, every two weeks. Users may also elect to fix their own schedules.


Obtain Content Completion Reports

Users of Catsy PIM software can obtain reports regarding data and image upload completion as well as the completion times for content pushed to marketplaces.

InDesign Catalog Plugin

PIM software works seamlessly with Adobe plugins to ease the automation of processes such as cataloging, creating specification sheets, pricing modules among other parameters.

Specification Sheet Creator

Spec Sheets, What is PIM

Users of Catsy’s PIM software can create customized specification sheets and work documents using powerful tools through Adobe Indesign.

Your employees do not have to worry about losing track of changes to products and prices, some of which take place by the minute. Stay abreast by simply refreshing plugin buttons to update specifications from Catsy product information management.


Business can generate on-demand PDF catalogs and price books in browser and print versions. This feature comes in handy for customer service personnel and sales representatives who need access to bulk information.

Catsy also offers the option of turning enriching your catalog with interactive elements such as product hotspots, links to e-commerce, keyword search as well as system analytics.

Price books

Pricelists, What is PIM

Catsy’s intelligent software solution comes with inbuilt, professionally-looking price workbooks, which works for a variety of business systems. These price books populate readily with product data and images, as there is no need to adjust margins and spacing. However, users have the option of creating personalized price-book sheets to suit prevailing circumstances.

The Catsy Unique Selling Point (USP)

Catsy drives engagement with her clients and feedback on software performance through activities on her blog. From this space, the company offers updates and recent happenings in the world of Product information management, insider tips and tricks among other discussions.

In one such case, this software solution providers offer the following helpful information in optimizing the use of PIM software:

  • Go for responsive catalogs

Users should choose responsive design resizes for product lists. This amendment will make it easy for customers to view product information in transit, using their smartphones and other portable devices.

  • Select Third party integration

Your PIM software solution should allow work with existing enterprise resource planning applications. Catsy’s intuitive API structure gives you the leverage to access or export/import data from programs your business works with.

  • Aim for fewer returns

The overall objective of any PIM software solution is ensuring that customers’ product description is accurate and matches demand. If this is not the case, buyers may get frustrated and make returns.

Catsy ensures that product data is standardized and consistent, eliminating the occurrence of product data mismatch.

  • Compact Digital Asset Management

PIM solutions should not only keep your product data suite organized. Such solutions should put all images, prices, specifications, marketing/sales assets, branding guidelines as well as other relevant information in an accessible, central location.

Employees should be able to retrieve product pictures or specifications without any hassles.

  • Multichannel Support Structures

Product data information come in custom, hardcopy catalogs.Present day realities also demand that such information come available on e-commerce websites as well as online marketplaces. Having such a spread increases the time taken for product introduction in the marketplace.

  • Cross-Sell and Upsell Opportunities

Catsy’s solution enables users to match products with alternative options, related fields or accessories as well as other useful recommendations for the customer to try out.

An efficient PIM software solution help staff deal with customer demands on a one-on-one basis. Catsy’s software suite gives businesses an excellent tool in managing and selling stocks and inventory. Features of the Catsy PIM solution increase sales revenue, streamline extraction/query times for product data as well as harmonize operations across multiple customer-engagement channels.


Catsy’s PIM Solution offers flexibility and performance for businesses seeking to optimize product data cataloging to boost sales.

Reviews from satisfied customers highlight the benefits of using Catsy;s PIM software solution. They include creating a central repository for varied content and information, quick access and query times as well as the structured organization of products, images, links, and specifications.



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What is PIM?