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10 Great Product Data Blogs To Follow

Are you in the mood to expand your product data knowledge? Keep up with the latest news and trends with these ten product data blogs.

  1. ProductsUp: Learn about the ways that product data improves your customer experience, how to analyze the information that you have floating around in your organization and find industry news.
  2. Handshake: This manufacturer- and distributor-focused blog bring many insights into the ways you can use data to improve operations, lower costs and reach your audience.
  3. Retail Intelligence: Want a high-tech look at the latest advances in retail data and other areas? This blog gives you the jumping-off point to take a deep dive into AI and big data.product data blogs, product information management, product management
  4. MultiChannel Merchant: The articles at MultiChannel Merchant cover many aspects of the industry for retailers working across more than one sales channel. They include product data on a regular basis.
  5. Forrester’s Retail Blog: Forrester is well-known for its business analysis, and their retail blog tackles big data subjects and related technology. You also get previews of the latest industry data even if you don’t want to pay the high fees associated with Forrester reports.
  6. Practical Ecommerce: This frequently updated blog focuses on practical e-commerce knowledge that you can apply immediately. Data is a topic that you’ll often see on its pages, as well as product marketing and copywriting.
  7. Digital Commerce 360: The publisher of magazines such as Internet Retailer and B2B E-Commerce World also features useful articles on its website ranging from how you can use product data in your catalog to improving your data quality.
  8. Channel Advisor: Channel Advisor takes a broad look at e-commerce, covering the latest news and offering quality resources to its readers.product data blogs, product information management, product management
  9. Retail Touch Points: This blog provides excellent insight into using data-driven approaches for the retail environment as well as covering emerging technology such as AI.
  10. GoSpotCheck: If you’re curious about the intersection of product data and retail execution, GoSpotCheck’s blog covers this topic from nearly every angle.

You always have something new to learn when it comes to product data. The latest technologies can change how you interact with your information overnight. You need to prepare for the most recent changes and make sure that you follow the current best practices and these product data blogs can help.

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