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Debunking 4 Common Product Information Management Rumors

Product Information Management Rumors

As a leader in the Product information management (PIM) industry, we hear a lot of rumors or preexisting ideas people have about the software. Some product information management rumors or assumptions are true while others are false, or not exactly true and require digging deeper. Our sales team put together a list of popular PIM assumptions they thought it would be beneficial to reveal the truth about. 

It’s Easier to Build In-House


Sometimes IT departments see our system, but they’re cautious. They decide to try and develop it in-house, even though their experience working with product information management software might be limited. In fact, they may not have logged into one up before. Needless to say, these ventures rarely end well and cost the companies more money than they would have spent purchasing the pre-existing software.

For more information on this topic read our blog post IT Departments: Why External Applications Aren’t Your Enemy.

Product Information Management Software

Product Information Management Software

More Features = Best Choice


An “interesting” decision incorporated in a lot of PIM systems is the addition of features. They spend so much time on features that don’t have any impact on product information management workflows. They might look flashy and impressive on a demo, but the front-line employees soon start looking elsewhere for an application that doesn’t get in the way. 

Print is Dying


Print media is a powerful tool for integrated marketing and advertising campaigns. Companies might not be able to thrive on print catalogs and other printed collateral alone, but when brought together with other channels, they really tie everything together. The digital wave is all about critically examining what is best to continue to print and which pieces are better off digital. 

We have a blog post about one company’s reason for keeping print alive because of their industry.

Product Information Management

Product Information Management

Images are Necessary to Sell Products


We’ve saved the best for last. One of our favorite rumors revolves around product photos, or the lack thereof. The in-house solutions can’t handle the volume of media required for modern marketing campaigns. Either they fail to address the need for images at all, they don’t allow external partners to access the pictures, or they can’t be resized. Either way, it’s a core feature that ends up being a complete mess.

Keep Seeking the Truth

Product information management software does require an upfront investment, but the money that you save in productivity over the long term more than balances it out. Before investing years into in-house development, spend some time researching the current solutions on the market. Your business needs a powerful product information management application backing up your advertising and marketing efforts. Make sure that you’re getting everything you need out of it and not falling for these product information management rumors.

Curious About More Product Information Management Rumors?

As a leader in the Product Information Management space we have heard these Product Information Management rumors and many more. Curious to find out answers to your pim questions? Reach out to us for a demo