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IT Departments: Why External Applications Implementation Aren’t Your Enemy

External Application Implementation Fear

You may view external apps as the enemy to your IT department. After all, they’re created by someone outside of your organization and you don’t have full control over the application. It’s understandable that you might be worried that external app adoption could cost you or your colleagues their jobs. You might be surprised to hear that it can actually make things easier on your end and not all external application implementation fear is helpful.

Your Time is Valuable

The IT department often times has to manage everything from the company’s data security to helpdesk support. You don’t exactly have the free time available to put together a product information management app, even when that brings significant benefits to your organization.

Your resource allocation problems aren’t an issue when you bring in an external solution. The product is developed and ready to go. You have the advantage of getting on-going vendor support. If the solution is cloud-based, you don’t even need to worry about finding servers to handle a new app.

If something goes wrong or the app needs new features, the vendor provides most or all of the support. They’re responsible for developing and testing any software changes and maintaining an extensive knowledgebase.

Expert Perspective is Key

You have a talented IT department, but your staff often handles broad technology duties. If you didn’t need to bring anyone on with product information management expertise before the business needed this product category, you might not have on-site experts.

An external vendor is dedicated to working with this software category. A product information management supplier keeps up with the best practices in this narrow area. They have experience putting it in place at many types of businesses. Their first-hand expertise with deployment and adoption provides the IT department with the complementary help required to ensure a successful application rollout.

Product information management apps require years worth of builds and research to get right. You’re saving time and resources so you can address the other urgent to-do list items or maybe even the more exciting projects while your company gets the technology it needs. Don’t hold off on bringing a mission-critical solution because there aren’t enough in-house resources to go around. Take a look at external applications.

The Next Logical Step

If your business is researching product information management solutions one of the best ways to ease some of the external application implementation fear is to be included in demos and sales calls. Catsy always encourages the inclusion of decision makers on calls. Enterprise solutions are often times conscious of IT Departments concerns and might have resources to send your way. If you are in IT and your company is considering Catsy reach out to us.