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Riding the Digital Wave – A Sales Perspective

Doing digital growth right

As todays sales shift to online platforms a whole new set of problems are opening up. Problems that have plagued businesses for decades are disappearing while a whole new set of issues emerge. A new challenge that business leaders are only now starting to fully understand is the need for fresh product content in today’s age of digital growth.

Products sold on digital platforms still have the same challenge of not going stale like products sold on store shelves. There are 3 tactics businesses must take advantage of to ensure their hero products don’t get lost in the black hole of the web.

1. Pay attention to keywords

First, it’s crucial to keep updating product descriptions with updated keywords. Regardless, of how trusted the brand is 90% of purchasing decisions aren’t made because of the brand name. The magical World Wide Web tracks how long a description has been published, and if a description is even 6 months old SEO will suffer. On top of that, the most popular keywords that are relevant to purchases rotate at an extremely high rate. If you don’t constantly update product descriptions your digital growth can become stunted. Your brand can come across as dated and irrelevant and will be harder to find in searches.


2. Images, images, images

One key indicator of the success of a product sold online is images so it is no surprise that fresh images are necessary to prevent a product from going stale. However, it is much more complex than just making sure each product has a photo. In the ever increasingly competitive online marketplaces in this era of digital growth the most successful brands are tagging images with keywords, refreshing time stamps, and uploading 3+ unique images for each product.

One concern is the increase in workload to manage something as seemingly trivial as photos. The good news for marketing teams that are tasked with managing images is that automation makes this not only achievable but rather simple. With a strong Digital Asset Management system, you are able to set your brand apart using images. The major key is that with all the help the automation from these systems provide managing images won’t turn into a full-time job in itself.


3. Reevaluate where you are selling

Last but not least is the importance of selling on every relevant marketplace possible. Selling on multiple digital marketplaces like Amazon to JET will improve your products and brand’s SEO, so therefore it is worth it to invest time into selling on any digital marketplace in your vertical. Even, if sales are minimal on a marketplace for your brand it is still worth your time to keep selling and continuously update the marketplace with fresh content for SEO reasons.

Each of these three pieces are equally important for riding the digital growth curve. If you cut corners throughout the process at all you can fall behind your competitors that are already making these changes. Not updating a keyword or deciding not to sell on a digital marketplace may seem insignificant but those insignificant decisions will compound and contribute to efficiency. Make sure you partner with the right companies that will provide you with the best solutions and advice to guide you and your team as navigate the digital reality.